Why doesn't he make an effort if we always have so much fun together?

We have hung out together just the two of us many times, going out to movies, dinner, etc. We always have a great time and spend 6+ hours together at a time. We have been good friends since pre school and when we hangout alone, we laugh, he asks me very personal questions, remembers every little thing I say, and tells me things he doesn't tell others-even though he's an introvert. He asks me about guys in my life and gets defensive when I bring any of them up. I have had strong feelings for him my whole life and sense he may feel the same way on our "dates" because there is definitely chemistry! The problem is that he never texts me (or anyone) so the only way we hang out is if I initiate it. Even then, he sucks at texting so nothing gets done! Is he just not into me and only wants to be friends? Thanks 😘

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  • 3 years ago
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    My boyfriend and I had a similar dilemma, only we talked too much and i felt clingy constantly initiating. So i talked to him and we agreed that we initiate when we feel comfortably doing so- when we miss each other or feel like talking to each other. If the other person's busy, oh well. For this guy, maybe try waiting it out? He'll initiate when he's ready to talk. If you have good communication with him, you can tell him he can initiate when he feels like it, and you'll do the same.

  • 3 years ago

    " only wants to be friends?" YES.

    Most guys sucks @ texting.

    The only ones I knew is my SIL and her DIL text for hours! I'd rather NOT!

    My sons, & husband would rather not! I have better things to do, than play games by texting non-stop!

    Source(s): My grand daughter & I used to send out emoji's, but she discovered there are more things in life than TEXTing emojis. I agree!
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