I had a dream about one of my close friends tried killing me.?

Let's just say their name is scooter. In my dream/nightmare Scooter was doing "illegal perfume" (idek) and our friends group (I can't remember what they loooked like or if they even had faces nor names) in the dream all have perfume but not from scooter (that doesn't affect it). One perfume of someone's ran out and Scooter killed them and said something about 'when your perfume runs out i'll kill you' in my dream I was terrified of death unlike me but still hated myself. I begged scooter to not kill me when my perfume runs out, but they said no. My perfume ran out and scooter took out a rifle and tried shooting me but I dodged running to fill it up again at a hidden stand. They took me to somewhere where the moon was fake and they was a female giant on the fake moon. I almost fell, and that's where my dream ended. Now me and scooter are VERY close, when i'm in doubt they tell me I matter, and really helps me get through my depression and has saved me from killing myself or harming myself like our actual friends group, and we are really tight. So i'm curious of what this means.

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