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Is it okay to hate my adult step kids for having children before me?

My oldest step child has been married for 15 years I have only been married a few months.

Some how this isn't right. We are planning children, my step kids already have teen children.... This situation has become very awkward


TriHarder, oldest to the youngest F 36, M, 34, M, 32, F, 30 youngest F 28.

Number of step grandchildren 16 and I'm only 30.

Each time one of them pops out another I end up having anxiety attacks, where I have to leave to my mother's. My mum has already had a word with my husband but it does no good, and these discussions have only got back to my step kids, in which they tell me to mind my own business, But their lifestyle is causing me my health with stomach issues. Where does it stop?

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    If your husband is old enough to have children in their 30s, his fertility must be in the toilet by now. 50 or 60 year old men don't have sperm count or quality even remotely in the same ballpark as men in their 20s or early 30s, if he even has viable sperm left at all. Contrary to popular belief, male fertility DOES decline with age, and to find out whether he's still fertile or not you'll need to work with a reproductive endocrinologist. It's possible you may have to consider donor sperm due to his advanced age and MFI.

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  • 3 years ago

    Exactly how old are you, and how old is your husband?

    eta - Well, you sound like a teenager at best. Certainly not mature enough to be married, much less having children. But then, that happens when people go a-trollin'.

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