Is it true that upon the passage of TrumpDon'tcare, that GoFundMe will by LAW become the Number ONE provider of?

Health Insurance Payment Coverage in all 50 States?

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  • 3 years ago
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    i wish.

    instead it will be,

    "i'ma middle to low income american;

    please, i beg you, help me fund my astronomical med bills!

    i'v already lost my home, my car and health ins.

    i applied for Medicaid, its designed for low income ppl, but i was rejectd.

    I appealed the rejection and was told [in the spirit of forcing me to drop my appeal,]

    there's a 2 yr wait list to have appeals heard.

    So here i am on the streets of Sweet Grass, montana begging 16 hrs / day.

    Ppl pass me and say, 'i hear yah, im broke too...

    'livin out here in farm/cowboy country, of course i dint vote for no commies or socialists or nuthin,

    'so i was for trump all the way, he's agin them furriners and them weird outsiders like "Obama."

    'WHAT kinda furrin name is that?

    Now i dont got nuthin agin a good colored boy,

    'and joe biden said 'obama is a CLEAN colored boy and them types is ok wit me and mah kin,

    'BUT then ah hears Ob's one o them "big city," "community organizer" types !

    'Ah even heard that from Foxaganda & Ex Lax Jones!

    'Sorry, i just dont see how i can go against Ex Lax Jone!

    so i just gota keep hopin my buddy Don-il Duce Trump is guna fix my health care REAL quick!

    'I'm outa OPTIONS here! my kids need health care BAD!'

    'and the cold sets in here in n.montana REAL soon.'

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    3 years ago


  • 3 years ago

    Well when Obamacare finishes it's death spiral GoFundMe will be the only way to pay for health insurance

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Nah. That's just more Very Fake News. Would you like a nothing burger?

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    3 years ago

    I am guessing the audition for comedy central didn't go according to plan?

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