I don't think I am doing my makeup correctly. maybe you guys can give me some tips on the proper steps?

A little background:

I have normal to combo skin, I get oily in my T Zone which is typical, mostly around my nose. But I have dry patches which is so annoying, as you get older I learned, your skin changes FANTASTIC. Between my browns and on the edges of my nostrils and in small areas on my cheeks I get dry patches.

I am porcelain and fair skin toned with light pink undertones, although someone at Sephora told me I had yellow undertones, which made no sense at all.

This is my makeup routine.

I apply moisturizer: Cliniques dramatically different gel (this is the only moisturizer that seems to work with my dry patches) I apply an initial all over layer, and give it a moment to sink into my sink then apply a second small layer over the really dry parts of my face.

Then primer: I usually use Benefits porefessional on my cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin and spread it around. This seems to work well.

(I am not sure if I am supposed to apply a foundation primer after the porefessional or before? there are so many primers I don't know what step comes first or second or if i should even be applying both? I believe some people are using facial oils? not sure where that step comes in or if I should bother?)


I do my foundation with a brush or beauty blender depending on my mood of the day, bronzer in the typical 3 and E shape of my face to contour, highlight a little bit or a lot depending on my mood again, then mascara. then I set with Air spun powder and then all nighter spray. For some reason I don't feel I am doing this right, I still have patches and I don't have a flawless finish...maybe this is normal? maybe the youtubers blur out the real truth of how makeup looks? help

Update 2:

I know its a long read, and don't get me wrong the makeup comes out perfectly fine, it looks nice and even and ive developed a routine that I like, but if I am missing any steps or anything important id like to know. if I can perfect my look or add to it to make it better id like to know.

so again any opinons tips or tricks will help.

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  • Laura
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    3 years ago
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    First, you need a better moisturizer.

    If you need 2 layers, it isn't working for you.

    I have oily skin, but when I was using the clinique moisturizer I was getting dry patches. According to many makeup professionals I have spoken with, it acts more like a primer than a moisturizer. So get a better moisturizer. This is where the facial oils come in, they are a different type of moisturizer. They do not work for me, they are too rich for my oily skin, but they can be great for those with dry skin.

    You did not mention exfoliating. With dry skin, you need more deep moisturizing. This does not mean that you should not exfoliate. Mix some sugar with extra virgin olive oil and use that instead of cleanser. Do this 2 times a week. Then do the rest of your skincare.

    The hard part about getting a flawless finish is that there are so many factors. First it could be that the primer doesn't work well, or the foundation doesn't work well, or they just don't work well together but they are fine on their own or with other products. There is also the issue of powder. If you are not using cream contour and highlight, you do foundation then setting powder. Then use the powder contour and highlight.

    The porefessional is a primer. You can use other primers if you want, but you don't have to.

    I would experiment with other foundations and other primers, and apply the setting powder after the cream products.

  • I believe you're doing it right

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    I am exhausted and will try to finish reading your question when I have regained my strength.

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