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Anonymous asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 4 years ago

What are some professional sounding names?

Im only 18, yet I, already thinking about naming my future children some professional sounding names so they will be taken seriously on job resume's. What are some professional sounding names like William, Thomas etc...

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    Professional Girl Names: Elizabeth, Katherine, Victoria, Nora, Isabel, Audrey, Alexandra, Diana, Helen, Stephanie, Lisa, Leona, Rachel, Evangeline, Katerina, Natalie, Christine, Meredith, Nicole, Mariah, Carmen, Veronica, Claire, Elaine, Lilian, Julia, Miranda, Madison, Margaret, Simone, Deborah, Carol, Elena, Sarah, Bridget, Abigail, Theresa, Phoebe, Vivienne, Madeline, Olivia, Joan, Gwyneth, Angela, Evelyn, Eliza, Samantha.

    Professional Boy Names: William, Andrew, Phillip, Dean, Winston, Robert, Richard, Peter, Henry, Charles, Christopher, George, Edward, Edwin, Vincent, Thomas, Arnold, Arthur, Bernard, Anthony, Anderson, Benedict, Carlton, Douglas, Gregory, Nathaniel, Leonardo, Simon, Sullivan, Wallace, Wayne, Lawrence, Christian, Matthew, James, Lucas, Maxwell, Warren, Roland, David, Gabriel, Martin, Alexander, Nelson, Rupert, Eric

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    • Girl Names •

    - Katherine.

    - Emma.

    - Victoria.

    - Gabrielle/Gabriella.

    - Amelia.

    - Marie/Maria.

    - Elizabeth.

    - Rose.

    - Alexandra/Alexandria.

    - Olivia.

    - Lynn.

    - Elise.

    - Grace.

    • Boy Names •

    - Michael.

    - James.

    - Oliver.

    - Charles.

    - Andrew.

    - Alexander.

    - Jacob.

    - Ethan.

    - Theodore.

    - Henry.

    - Frederick.

  • 4 years ago

    A person with any name can grow up to be a professional.

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    4 years ago

    Pick names you like and forget about how they sound.

    Seriously. In this day and age? "Professional sounding" names in the future will be the ones more likely to get laughed at/mocked as so many kids have such unique and varied names now. To come across a "plain old" Billy or Tommy may actually shock professionals in the not-too-distant future.

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    For business purposes, limit the first name to five letters and/or one or two syllables. A longer middle name looks sophisticated. Take into consideration the surname. Avoid excessive alliteration. If you want to use a less classic or non traditional name, keep it in the middle name slot. It is common in elite circles for a surname from the wife's or husband's family be used as the middle name. (Examples came be found in past presidents of the U.S. as recently as President George Walker Bush. George Herbert Walker, Sr. was the maternal grandfather of President George Herbert Walker Bush. Walker was carried on in his first son.) So keep the middle name slot in mind for passing on a legacy Look no further than the Bible and British royalty for possible names with a fine pedigree.

    James Fenimore Cooper and Grace Patricia Kelly are excellent examples.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Smart thinking, unlike people who want to name their kids stupid names and don't think about their futures or lives past babyhood.







    Archibald (archie is a cute nn)

    John (can be nicknamed Jack)






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    Dean or deana

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