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War with North Korea...who is going to win? Kim has no guilt, no love, nothing but craving for power and he would rather die than give it up?

and The Donald LOVES America and would never endanger it or risk American Troops in a failing campaign.....how is it going to end?

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    "War with North Korea"..............That term is like "Saturday night bath" to a kid.

    The situation is a tangled web, no a tangle of several tangled webs.

    So you got North Korea, who threatens South Korea, Japan and any one else l'il Kim thinks he can push around to solidify his grip on artificial power (artificial in that he cannot hold it without secluding his peoples from reality, and out side information). The country that has been at odds with the West Since the end of WWII. And the country that has been a convenient pawn of the Sino-Soviet Block for decades to use as a thorn in the side of the West. But now, the Chi-Coms aren't so "com", and the Soviets aren't Soviets any more, and neither have the cooperative spirit they once had, and both have close financial ties with the West, yet both are in competition with each other and the West for influence and resources and capital globally. Add to that, that L'il Kim seems to be wanting to strike out on his own and make the North a stand alone heavy hitter on the international scene, forgetting that it only exists at the pleasure of China. But of course China hasn't forgotten that. And even China sees that Kim has gone off the reservation. It wants to reel Kim in some, because N.Korea buys finished goods, and China needs coal and ore imports, etc. Russia does not want N. Korea acting up the way it is, but does not want to assist the other two powers in dealing with the issue, thus being seen as giving advantage to each on the long run. The US is rattling sabers and sanctions. While Russia and especially China are double dealing with all parties on various official and unofficial levels. Everyone is "talking", and no one is saying anything. It's all "SPY vs. SPY.

    Apologies for the long windedness.

    I should have just said,...it all looks very much like July of 1914 presently. Except that all the players got nukes. I have mentioned before that I believe we are reaching the point of the "Nth country". I certainly hope I am wrong.

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    3 years ago

    The way I see it is that if the USA attack North Korea, South Korea will be the sacrificial lambs. North Korea will fire missiles and heavy artillery at South Korea. China will mobilize troops on the China, North Korean border because they don't want the yanks deploying troops in North Korea. It's China's backyard not the USA's.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    There will be a conflict. How big, How drastic, Only Kim Jung knows.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    They will send Canadians to fight

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    I predict the insane, obese dictator with crazy hair will win.

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