How on earth does he remember all these things about me?

My crush and I have been friends since kindergarten and he always brings up things I don't even remember telling him. For example, he'd say "didn't you read that same book in grade 5?" or "you told me --- in grade 2". He remembers everything I tell him, even from many years ago and he brings up things he remember me doing when we were young. He is really smart and good at memorizing so maybe he just has a great memory? Why would he remember all these tiny details about me? Is that just a friend thing?

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    I have great memory well and I remember every little detail whenever there were events back in primary school. I just enjoy going up to an old classmate I grew up with and say "remember". They're expression of nostalgia brings me joy and I do it to almost everybody, I dont know why but when I think of certain objects and just a thought, it triggers memories.

    What your crush remembers about you is normal I guess (I actually wish I could meet the guy). Sadly, there is no indication that he likes you but it does mean that he thinks about you a lot. I couldnt tell my crush much because I was simply too shy to talk to her (she had heard that I could remind classmates of certain times and I could only do it once for her because the rest of my memories of her are just crushing over her in class). The fact that you're great childhood friends are some guy's fantasies to be with. Good luck and I hope he feels the same way about you :)

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    its just like Dan and Blair from Gossip Girl when she realized she loved Dan and that he was always there for her from the beginning even though she treated him so bad, in short he likes u

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