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replacing the gear shifters on bike DBX RESONANCE what do i need to do to find the right parts for replacing it? are there codenames/sizes?

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    Most cheap mountain bikes do not have published spec sheets, the descriptions you will find say something like "grip shifters" to describe the type of shifters used. There are no "codenames" other than those generic names. So, you have to look at the part yourself. If you want to replace with another type of shifter, you have to know what other shifter would be compatible with what you have. That is where a bike shop is helpful. Since they repair bikes, they have staff who are familiar with component compatibility issues. You may not even be able to replace the part yourself, shifters have to be adjusted after installation. Someone who cannot figure out what to buy for themselves probably shouldn't be trying to perform this repair

    As well, you do not mention why you wish to replace the shifters, they may not be the problem. It is possible that you need a new cable rather than the shifter, or simpler still, you need nothing more than an adjustment

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    There's a 100% foolproof way to get the right parts. Find a BICYCLE SHOP. All ya have to do is Google the words "bicycle shop" with your 5 digit zip code or name of closest big town if you live out in the sticks. Like this...

    Google will even supply a map.

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