Why do famous men get away with everything? And why are they liked more than famous women?

But famous women are defamed so much?

Like Charlie Sheen, Chris Brown and Eminem, they are known to be abusive towards women, but people still like them.

Britney Spears simply slept with a man and became a single mom, and people hate her.

And people show more condolence and sympathy when famous celebrity men like the lead singer of Linkin Park commit suicide. But when this YouTuber and actorcalled Stevie Ryan committed suicide, everyone was so heartless and wrote bad comments. They just say she was a bimbo.


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    3 years ago
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    You mean like when Kathy Griffin posed with a severed head designed to look like Trump's and didn't get away with it? Oh wait, yeah she did get away with it.

    Or maybe you're talking about when Madonna said she dreams of blowing up the White House. She's serving a prison sentence since she was charged with committing a felony. Right? Oh yeah, no she's not.

    I could keep going but you get the idea, I'm sure.

    Also, lots of people hate Charlie Sheen. He was condemned for his behavior by men and women. I don't know many people who like Chris Brown.

    Face facts, rich and famous people will always get away with more stuff than average people. It doesn't matter what gender they are.

    Speaking As: 'Insulting' Trump? She posed ISIS-style with his SEVERED HEAD. She should be in prison. Threatening the life of the POTUS is a felony. A few comments are nothing compared to what she deserves for that. And don't even get me started on Rowling's hypocrisy.

    Sure, some people might comment positively on Charlie Sheen. He was a successful actor as well as a douchebag of a human being. But people have diverse opinions. Not everyone will think the same thing.

    Also, I generally don't read YouTube comments. That site is full of insane adolescents and trolls. It's even worse than here.

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