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How do I know if I'm really fat?

I'm 14, barely 5'0 (I m super short D:) and 89 pounds(asian). I used to always be the chubby one in the family, and when I was in 3rd grade, I realized that I was 10-20 pounds heavier than my classmates. I was about 4'4 and 90 pounds back then, and I started being more mindful of what I ate. To rephrase that, I just started copying what my older sister ate. (She was very skinny compared to me). 5 years later, I ve gained 8 inches and maintained that weight, which is pretty cool I guess, but my upper thighs are still really big?

Now my sister is about 4'11, and she's about the same weight as me(im assuming), but she seems to always look fine/normal. However, whenever I try to pull on a pair of jeans or any long pants, all I see is how big my thighs are.

There are times when I look in the mirror from about 1.5 metres away and my legs look kinda normal, but when I get closer or inspect my upper thighs, the whole leg looks fat again. Also, my doctor said that I'm done growing already, so. :( All my friends are at least 3-5 inches taller than me and if they are close in height, they're all really skinny. School is starting in like 3 days and I really don't want to look fat.

Also, does anyone know how many calories I should be eating if my metabolism is really low? (Like almost nonexistent) Thanks <3

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    Minimum recommended weight for a 5' female is 103 lbs, per the source link.

    Most people can tell if they are fat or not, by just looking in the mirror. Your legs may be large just due to genetics or because they are muscular.

    Your daily calorie intake should be 1357 a day, if you get little to no exercise. The more active you are, the more you should be eating. That info comes from the Daily Calorie Needs calculator located at the same site as the Ideal Body Weight calculator at the link below.

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    You are not fat. :)

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    You shouild start gwowing UP instead of OUT, utnil you rach abotu age 25.

    So until that time, learn some good nutritional and exercie habits to keep you from growing OUT agaisn afte age 25

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    You are underweight. Do you have normal periods? If not, your body is telling you something. Of course you won't be the same as 14 as in grade 3. You are a TEENAGER in puberty, heading (hopefully) to becoming an adult.

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    It's ok..who doesn't like meaty thighs..yum

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    Either you're kidding me, your classmates are skeletons or you live in north Korea and you just barely eat.

    By that I mean I'm 14 years old, male, almost 6 feet and I'm 170 pounds, and I'm not even overweight.

    You're thin af

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