Brother HL-5040 Printer. Every time I print, there are some residual ink/smudge marks on the paper. I've used a cleaner sheet. Ideas?


The printer is in decent shape, there should be plenty of toner remaining. Could it be ink on the drum or elsewhere?

1 Answer

  • 3 years ago

    The location on the paper of the smudges/type smudges provide useful info on what exactly is wrong.

    If you have been using your toner cartridge a good while then it might be starting to fail. Contamination from a bad toner cartridge could cause smears, for ex. But I've seen brand new cartridges come out of the box be defective and leave smears. The only way to know if it's this is to replace the cartridge, of course.

    Your paper guides may need cleaning, your drum may need cleaning/replacing, doctor blade may need cleaning/replacing, wiper blade may need cleaning/replacing, charge roller may need cleaning/replacing or your fuser may be failing. Most people don't know how to clean any of these parts or even inspect for wear that requires replacement so they take it in to a professional. But if you are comfortable doing this, then disassembly and cleaning is pretty easy - as long as you know what you are doing. I would start with a new cartridge. If that didn't help then begin the cleaning and inspection of the other parts. There are lots of youtube videos that can walk you thru the inspection/cleaning process so if you need extra help on the process, I would go there for tips.

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