Are ghosts in a mild hell?

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    (Ecclesiastes 9:5) 5 For the living are conscious that they will die; but as for the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all, neither do they anymore have wages, because the remembrance of them has been forgotten.

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    'Ghosts' represent the observable breakdown of expanded human consciousness.

    Your simian has a form of consciousness which breaks down as the brain dies. However, you are mostly microbe communities and electrical energy, (your 'expanded consciousness'), without which your simian would be nothing at all but a quivering pile of mush. This part of 'you' still functions after your brain dies and the experiences of those life forms continue, since they did not die. Microbes mostly move around in vast communities on electrical currents and other energies as well as moving from life form to life form. They did this the entire time you were alive and continue to do it after you die. The difference is that the part of you that was part of that activity has no 'return' media because the simian is dead.

    Consciousness is a pattern formed by living cells which is formed over and over again throughout life. You are unique because your pattern in unique. You know it well because you 'recreate it' and facilitate it millions of times while you are alive. You continue to attempt to form it automatically after your brain stops working, by using microbes and peripheral energies. If you learned more advanced lessons about how to keep things together, (generally called 'love' or equal treatment of others), you have plenty of options and remain fully intact with the help of many others. If you never learned this, you break down systematically, degrading into the lower orders stage by stage, experiencing fits and starts of this type of consciousness until it finally ceases. The 'intact' forms of consciousness never break down at all and join others like themselves. Scripture calls these the 'righteous.'

    A 'ghost' is a former human consciousness that is behaving like a lower order animal, and seeks out their company. Frequently they inhabit broken down homes filled with vermin and behave very similarly, frightened by sudden lights and sounds, mimicking this and living in patterns of survival instinct and fear. Living humans sometimes notice this or come to recognize 'haunts' where many such degrading forms of consciousness briefly manifest on their way to final dissolution. Whatever microbes and energy can accomplish by themselves while mostly disorganized and mimicking insects or lower order vermin is the full extent of the 'powers' involved. They are really nothing to fear. They should be acknowledged however, since they are a form of life and their embarrassing struggle teaches us something important while we are still alive.

    The Bible calls this process of break down and final unconsciousness 'Hades' which is sometimes translated 'hell' but it is not eternal hell. That is a place no human currently inhabits, which will be inhabited by the unrighteous only after a physical resurrection and final judgment.

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    Why don't you ask the next ghost you see?

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    If you think so then, yes.

    Else, no.

    Imaginary things can be anywhere that you can imagine.

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