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How can I lose thigh and hip fat quickly?

I eat around 600 calories a day and weigh 119. My waist/rib area is small (I can see my ribs, even), but my thigh and hip fat is not going easily AT ALL!!! Any tips?

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    600 calories is way too less! If you are female you should be eating a minimum of 1200 calories! If you are young it is very important to look after your body so that it functions properly! Eat healthy and nutritious foods, but please increase your calories. If need be, you can speak with your doctor who should be able to help you with a diet plan which will keep you healthy and looking great, but provide you with the nutrition you need!

    For reducing thigh and hip fat, I would say start working out - either at a gym or just by having a look through a couple of at home workouts on youtube!

    Whichever you choose, take it slow and steady and remember that we need to look after our bodies!

  • Mike G
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    3 years ago

    You can't.

  • Bernd
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    3 years ago

    600 can't be healthy.

    You may have an eating disorder and need professional help. Please speak to your doctor and or parents if you still live with them.


    Regular healthy meals

    With fruit and veggies

    And stay active

    Focus more on health and fitness and less on just getting thinner. Good luck.

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