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How old do kittens have to be before giving them dry food?

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  • J C
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    3 years ago
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    They do not need dry food - ever. Dry food is now linked to such feline disorders as diabetes, obesity, constipation, urinary tract disorders, and kidney disease. Get them started on an all canned diet fed 4 times a day when very young. You will have healthier kittens for it in the long run. Read about proper feeding of baby carnivores here, it was written by a vet who has actually researched feline nutrition. Pay special attention to the section titled 'but my cat does just fine on dry food'.

    And if you insist after reading this on feeding dry food, never EVER moisten it with water - it's sprayed with fats to make it more palatable, and within 20 minutes of wetting it, it becomes a bacterial 'soup' and can give your kittens the runs.

  • PR
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    3 years ago

    I would wait until at least 12 weeks, in order to avoid constipation. After that, try feeding like this:

    1 cup dry food / 2 tablespoons canned food / 1 cup water.

    When the mix is watery, you have less likelyhood the cat/kitten will vomit or get sick from the food. Additionally, try offering kitty grass so the cat has some roughage. This avoids furballs and trips to the vet. A plant called the Dracanea is also relished by cats, and much better than things they might pick up around the house in place of missed roughage. Only buy the dark green plant, and not the pink one.

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    Kittens can usually start eating dry food by 6-8 weeks. Some people recommend mixing the wet food with some water if the kittens are unable to chew it and gradually reducing the amount of water each time.

    When I got my young kittens I fed them mainly wet food, then introduced a dry food specifically for kittens, because the kibble is smaller and easier to chew.

    If your kitten is 8 weeks, get them some kitten dry food and see if they'll snack on it :) always make sure to have plenty of water available too.

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