1990 toyota celica keeps stalling and is hard to start?

Ok, so I have a 1990 toyota celica that keeps dying randomly and/or being occasionally hard to start. It was an excellent car until we put fuel cleaner in. was always garaged, and completely rust-free. But it's occasionally hard to start and sometimes even stalls. It's been doing this ever since I put fuel cleaner in. We changed the fuel filter, sprayed throttle body cleaner, replaced the efi main relay, cleaned out the throttle body and air intake with compressed air but the problem still persists! Also take note that it smokes when it starts up, and we also tested the fuel pump and we know it works but are unsure of the fuel pressure. What could the issue be? Also, ive noticed the problem is getting worse, it has been studdering lately even when i'm giving it gas

1 Answer

  • 3 years ago

    My now, I suspect the timing belt has jumped timing and is about to fail. If the timing is wrong, that's the confirmation. There are several other possibilities, such as worn out spark plugs.

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