How did prehistoric blood survive Noah's Ark flood?

Siberia, Russia, where the frozen cadavers of woolly mammoths just seem to keep popping up in the permafrost. The most promising find thus far was a one ton, 39,000-year-old female, dubbed "Yuka" found nearly intact in the Siberian wilderness.

Yuka's body was so well preserved that hair and tissue were still visible and scientists were able to draw vials of the animal's blood.

"We were really surprised to find mammoth blood and muscle tissue," Semyon Grigoriev, head of the Museum of Mammoths of the Institute of Applied Ecology of the North at the North Eastern Federal University, told the Siberian Times. "It is the first time we managed to obtain mammoth blood. No one has ever seen before how the mammoth's blood flows.

Can any Christian explain in full detail, without quoting the Bible, how animals buried all over the world in melting glaciers have survived the Noah's Ark flood. They were buried in ice during the middle of the Ice Age and had to remain there for 50,000 or a hundred thousand years so how is it that the flood of Noah did not melt and dissolve all this flesh and blood. Please don't quote the Bible I want hundred percent proof how this could possibly happen


Not only the Flesh of animals but also plants and insects frozen in time thousands of years before your flood without any deterioration at all whatsoever. We even feed Wholly Mammoth meat to sled dogs in Northern Canada when we find it. So if Noah's Ark flood really happen then please explain how all this meat did not thought out and deteriorate and rot why is it still fresh

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    Look, you're never going to convince theists on these matters. They will just fabricate another clever rationalization to explain your premise.

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    That is provided that the assumption of a 50,000 year old world is correct. The unusual thing is, there was vegetation (undigested) found in their stomachs, also, which indicates that they were frozen solid very very rapidly, as food generally takes about 4 hours to completely digest. The theory is that when whatever hit the Earth and caused the the flood and Ice age hit it with enough force to melt the polar caps, cause the temperature to drop so quickly even something as large as a mammoth to instantly freeze or very rapidly. Kind of like air conditioning, which is basically air moving over extremely cold substances, rapidly making the air cold enough to keep a hot house comfortable. A lot of these animals were found standing up, suggesting this theory is most likely correct. Occam's Razor is a scientific precept that all things being equal, the simplest explanation tends to be the correct one.

    You have to decide for yourself.

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    The mammoths[ a type of elephant ] died out AFTER the not forget that the whole world was inundated by land mass at all...From scripture we have to accept that...

    For mammoths to be found in a land situation means they were After the flood.

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    If the mammoths were as drunk as you are right now, the alcohol would preserve their DNA for billions of years.

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    The animals were all Juvenile. even dinosaurs could have been transported simply by incubating their eggs in Compost like Crocodiles do, no worries there.

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