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sedation before MRI?

so im getting an MRI tomorrow to see if i have any misplaced disks in my jaw, its the lay down MRI and it going to be about 40-60 minutes, I dont know if im claustrophobic or not ive never been in a claustrophobic situation but I do have bad anxiety and I have a huge problem not being able to move, ! because it makes me uncomfortable and panicky and also because I dont know if I physically can stay still for that long, is that a good enough reason for sedation and will sedation even help me not move? or is it just for calming someone down?


Also: will a jaw MRI show if I have any other problems in my body eg: brain tumor? or does that need a separate scan?

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  • k w
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    3 years ago

    just be sure to find a comfy position and stop driving yourself crazy........

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