Is God speaking to me through this dream?

I had a dream that I used to my creativity to win all these competitions at an academic club where the guy I used to like goes to.

Then I dreamed that 3 groups of ancients, one scary and large centipede and one snake started crawling into my room and I became anxious and could not fall asleep knowing how dirty my room was. I left the room to ask my mother for help on getting rid of the insects.

Now I know that in dreams centipedes mean you are being too pessimistic and doubtful and negative and these doubts will affect your ability to do well - you need to think with the optimism that properly suits the situation instead of putting unnecessary stress on yourself.

Maybe the dream means that God is telling me I need to believe and hope for the future and have faith that He will bring me through instead of being so negative?

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  • 3 years ago
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    No. There is no evidence that there is anything supernatural about either dreams or dream content. There's no evidence that gods exist in the first place


    <Now I know that in dreams centipedes mean you are being too pessimistic and doubtful and negative> And how could you possibly know that? Or how could whoever told you that possibly know it? Doesn't it sound just the least little bit like bullsh!t to you? It sure does to me. Why do you accept it unquestioningly?


    There is no master list of dream meanings, so make up whatever meaning you like.



  • 3 years ago

    People have been dying, injured and financially wiped out in the recent hurricanes in Florida, Texas, Louisiana and Puerto Rico and you think "God" has been speaking to you in dreams. Get over yourself!

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    It means the snacking before bedtime has got to stop.

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