When will Christianity admit that the contents of the world's melting glaciers prove once and for all that Noah's Ark is a myth.?

Every single melting Glacier on Earth is revealing (UN-DECOMPOSED) bodies of prehistoric animals, plants, insects and microbes that died during the present ice age.

One of the most famous is a wholly Mammoth named Buttercup which became extinct many thousands of years ago with the fur and skin on it and when they cut it open blood came out. It is physically impossible for extinct prehistoric creatures to have been embedded in ice and still exist until today if there was a worldwide flood that melted the ice in betweennp then and now. Everything would have rotted and decomposed.

All across Northern Canada, Russia and in melting mountain glaciers people come across extinct prehistoric animals Etc that died during the ice age still in the flesh and blood. If they are still sitting, untouched for thousands of years, embeded in solid ice how do Christians explain this flood story as the ice would have had to melt during the flood and all these extinct prehistoric animals etc would have decomposed long ago.


Please intelligent answers only don't just say God did it. If you're going to say that God flooded the entire surface of this world and left all the ice unmelted that is not considered an intelligent answer.

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    They never will their to ignorant

  • ?
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    3 years ago

    I am a Christian,

    I believe the Bible and explanation from the Bible are very reasonable. Your argument lack clarity. Why would a mammoth being in an arctic type of region? There is not likely enough food to support an animal of such size.

    In the flooding of the earth, there was a super continent as stated in Genesis 1. The super continent is implied for the 1st chapter stated that all the seas were gathered in one place. Ergo, there had to be a super continent. It rained for 40 days and night and the animals that did not make it unto the ark were drown. This was a sudden dead. Further, as the super continent had to broken up by the fountains that broke through the land, the super continent was parted into what we have today. Some of those mammoth bodies carcasses could have found their way to the extreme northern and southern hemispheres and became frozen in the newly developed substrata and the emerging ice at the polar regions. This explanation would explain why a mammoth would be found in an unusual regions not conducive for such creatures.

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    The last global mass extinction of life on Earth occurred 65 million years ago.

    There has been no major mass extinctions of that scale since then.

    Do the math.

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    3 years ago

    From Genesis we learn that the earth had a water canopy above the earth which made it like a giant hot house. So the whole planet was warm. When God brought down the water it caused the flood. When that happened some parts of the world froze. It was a terrible destruction, planets ripped apart. Some large animals just froze where they were. It is the only thing that would have caused a sudden ice age. www.jw.org

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  • 3 years ago

    Interesting. If water makes all ice melt, then Antarctica should no longer exist and icebergs should not still be floating around in the Atlantic.

    Cold water in cold climates freeze. And a worldwide flood (with mass quanitities of rain/snow/freezing rain pouring down in cold climates) could potentially result in 'large frozen sheets of ice' in regions, causing animals to instantly and catastrophically getting encased in ice.

    Buttercup didn't just get encased by a gradual cold moving glacier. It was frozen and encased in 'frozen water' by some carastrophic event.

    I live in Wisconsin, and some people take a hose and flood an area of their backyard, to make a 'big sheet of ice' (a skating rink).

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