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How to toilet train puppy?

I’ve been trying to toilet train my border collie pup for 3 weeks now. I’m taking him out a few times an hour and if He ever looks like he needs to go then I take him outside and reward with treats when he pees or poops. I’ve been doing it for 3 weeks now and not really had any improvement, He still pees in the house. Any tips?

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    I believe it is down to keeping to a schedule. So he gets to learn what is going to happen and when. Border Collies are probably one of the easiest breeds to train so if you can't get this sorted out with him, you are not doing it the right way!! How old is the puppy ....... as is usual, when the puppy wakes up from a nap, or first thing in the morning, take him outside IMMEDIATELY. Go with him and don't keep him out there for much over 5 minutes without seeing him empty, one, the other or both! When he does, praise him and immediately bring him back in so he associates you being happy with him with what he's just done. When after 5 mins, he does nothing, bring him in and keep him in the room by the outside door. And stay with him. The moment he squats, say No! (don't shout or he'll just be scared) and take him back outside. Only correct in the act. Clean up the mistakes there will be with a youngster, without comment. He'll be watching and a lot of this will be about body language. Ditto with every short period of playing - you should notice him break off what he was doing - typical for I'm going to empty. And also after each feed although he won't have a bowel movement for that meal, perhaps for the earlier meal. A dog on 3 meals a day should need to have a BM as many times, maybe plus one, with a normal stool. The message is persistence and consistency. With any luck as dogs want happy owners, your puppy should get the message.

    Do NOT use pee pads or you'll be untraining that, and training correctly. And if he is urinating very often, consider whether he could have a UTI going on. You can't correct what he can't help doing. Every hour is the norm for a young puppy, extending to 2 hours as he matures and can physically hold for longer.

    And don't forget you will have to take him outside once overnight, for now. The more accidents he has indoors, the slower/longer the training period will take.

    Add - K. At 4 months he should be able to hold for 3 + hours and overnight. Our current Basset came to us at that age and although I gave him time to work out whether he could hold (he came from a kennel situation), it was quickly obvious he could hold all night (10.30 - 7 am) and for 3 hours during the day. I have a feeling this lad may have a medical issue going on. Collect some of his urine and take it, fresh, when you see your vet - he will run a urinalysis to check for infection. It could also be he's been on pee pads!

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    look o0nline there are plenty of methods choose the one tha suits you ab

    nd the dog most and fiorget puppy pads ays they will teach your dog that iutrs perfectly of to use your home as its sewer

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    He is a puppy. He gets up..puppy pees. he eats puppy poops. He will be okay. Put him on a schedule. We have a rat terrier and he has adopted really weel.

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    His age is 4 months

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    A lot depends on the age of the puppy and are you feeding him on a strict schedule?

    Please post his age because some people make the mistake and take a 3 week old pup away from mom and expect them to be housebroken in a week or two. All puppies need to be with mom until they are 8 weeks old. In most places it is illegal to sell them under age.

    Also what you are using to clean up the waste is very important, you need to. Use a product with an enzyme that will dissolve urine and all the hormones etc not just dilute it or mask over the odor.

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    There are some classes that can train him for you!

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