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Is it safe to buy from a Kijiji laptop reseller?

I was scrolling through Kijiji to see if I can buy a cheap xps 13 laptop and I ended up finding a guy that was selling the xps 13 laptop for 300-400 cheaper than retail, and plus there wasn’t any tax as well. I kind of found this a bit sketchy so I asked him why he was selling them for such a cheap price. He responded to me and said that he buys them in bulk and sells them for a cheaper price than retail so that he can make profit. Is this type of business trustworthy? Do you think he’ll try to sell me a fake one? Btw I asked him to send me pictures of the product and everything. He sent me a picture of the box and the laptop, and I also saw a bunch of other boxes (probably over 20 surrounding it that had the same laptop). I want to meet with this guy tomorrow and see it in person. I really hope this isn’t a fake because this is such a great deal. What do you think I should do when I see him tomorrow?

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    Bigger stores get better "bulk" discounts than any seller on Kijiji, so that story sounds false to me.

    Find out what warranty he gives. Also, get his real information, like info from his drivers license (name, address, license number). This is to protect you a bit if those laptops are all stolen. Large thefts do occur, especially during large disasters, where transports are left behind, loaded with goods.

    If the seller does not want to show his drivers license or other government issued ID, then you can be sure there is something wrong with the deal. Those laptops could be stolen, or even be factory "rejects" (hence what is the warranty?)

    Make sure they come with Windows installed. Power up the one you are buying before leaving. Go see him with a buddy, do not go to strange places alone with lots of cash in your pocket. Best to meet in a public place, like a Library, where you can plug the laptop in and check that it all works ok.

    After all those precautions and you are satisfied, then you probably got a good deal....

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