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How can I eat healthier as a 15 year old?

I don't think I've ever met the Canada Food Guide standards for even a day. Let alone have a healthy lifestyle. As I was growing up, my parents have always bought my sister and I microwavable meals. These meals included Michelina's, pizza pockets, frozen pizza, popcorn, etc. My parents cooked occasionally, and mostly cooked fish and seafood which I hated. Also gagged, and threw up every time I ate or smelled it. At 6 years old to now, I've lived off of this diet.

I always feel so unhealthy, and have anxiety about my health. At 10 years old, I started skipping meals and by 11 I skipped breakfast and lunches, sometimes dinner. And I feel as if I have no choice, I do not eat a lot of candy although my parents bought us a lot of ice cream, and junk food. I didn't eat a lot of candy, and have only had 1 cavity.

As for anxiety about my health. I checked at a pharmacy in my local grocery store, and found that I had very high blood pressure and needed to go see a doctor. I started experiencing angina from walking home from school. I now skip eating completely, and have been trying to drink so much water. For two years now my back has been hurting constantly, and still experience angina. I'm so scared for my health. I've told my parents but they don't believe me, and say that I'm complaining too much. I've even developed social anxiety, and fear eating as it will make me even more unhealthy. My parents expect me to cook my own meals if I want to be healthy. I wish I could.


I can cook a few meals, but I just don't have the food because my parents do not buy fruits and vegetables. We always order like McDonalds and I always try to get something healthy. They also eat very unhealthy too, and my parents just say to eat more salt, sugar, spices because it's good. I've been trying to do a lot of exercise to become more healthy. I'm honestly so scared about my health.

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    Im a nutrition physican. First off, water is more important than anything. Drink 8 cups of water. A good tip is to bring you waterbottle everywhere and instead of drinking small sips, drink one big cup.

    2. Delicious and nutrition. Vitamins supplement. The pills don't usually taste like anything, you just swallow it. The vitamins consits of gummies that you will love

    3. Cant you walk to the store and buy vegetable. Look for recipies online, if you have a recipie, ask me. I have many recipies. You can buy those salad mix that give you vegetable without cooking. There's also fruit mix as well.

    4. In case you missed it. Eat 5 to 7 serving of vegetable and fruits, at least 1 fish or meat a day, consume 1-3 dairy products, and 8 cups of water.

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    what a millennnial

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    canada isnt communist you dont have to follow food regultions. damn

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      My school gives us Canada Food Guides every year. They say I should eat 7-8 vegetables a day but I eat 0-1. :(

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