How many passports does Dotard Drumpf have, to go along with his 19 offshore bank accounts? (Panama Papers)?

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  • 3 years ago
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    Ah HA!

    Leave it upto Mad Dog Mueller and his ferocious wolf-pack to ferret THAT out.

    [And kudos to the Panama Papers people.]

    Dayum! that Muller gang leaves no stone unturned --

    heh, unlimitd $, a MASSIVE reservoir of legal talent & expertise;

    and motiviation...oh boy,

    this, THIS is the Case of the Century! and those slavering, howling wolves wana tear themselves a place in the history books.

    Nobel Prizes in prosecuting evil?

    or would that be the Nobel Peace Prize ? Hmmm.


    So...Which will it be? Don-il Duce resigns,

    continues to suffer more n more from the alzheimers that affected his father for 10 yrs,

    or is a suicide?


    I vote for 1 + 2.

    Dt ends up like howard hughes :

    mad & alone in his faded gilt tower,

    the echoes of the howls of the wolves ever-present,

    dozing & babbling at the tv now & then,

    family moved abroad and changed their names.

    my god, again what an era the gop has inflictd on the US w/ its Electoral College political charlatans;

    w/ Trump truly an American Caligula.


    "The circle’s closing at blinding speed,” Tony Schwartz wrote.


    He was Trump’s ghostwriter in `the late ‘80s.


    "Trump’s going to resign and declare victory before [Special Counsel] Mueller and congress [ impeachment ] leave him no choice.”

    "Trump's presidency is effectively over. I’d be surprised if he survives till end of the 2017.”

    "This reminds me a lot of Watergate and the last days of Nixon...

    “Trump’s put himself in an isolated, no-win position --


    “the level of his destructiveness is staggering.”

    . Aug 2017. Trump’s art-of-the-deal ghostwriter, Tony Schwartz, spent more than a yr w/ Trump in 1986-87


    Howard Hughes / Trump:

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    3 years ago

    fair question

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