i need help finding a good starting sentence to my essay on police corruption influences crime. It is an argumentative esaay!?

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  • 3 years ago
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    "Police corruption influences crime" is not a thesis for an argumentative essay. For an argumentative essay, you have to take a more definite stand- "Police corruption results in higher crime rates" for example. Then you need to have several points to support this. What kind of corruption are you talking about? Payoffs from major crime organizations? Taking bribes from people committing minor offenses like speeding? I hope you have some evidence on what police corruption is and research data on how it affects the crime rate.

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    3 years ago

    I'd start with a case study to grab attention.. something like, "Robert Smith would never have robbed the convenience store on Elm street that day, but Constable Crooked was standing outside and Robert knew, from past experience, that only a bribe would be needed, and he would be free to go."

    From there, I would then launch into the essay - "This scenario is far too common in the presence of police corruption."

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