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NEED help asap with the shear and moment diagrams of this beam !!!!! thanks :)?

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    total at the wall is 2 * ½ * 6kN/m * 1.5m = 9 kN

    If the load were uniform, you'd have a line of constant negative slope.

    But this load isn't uniform, it's tapered; so you'll have a concave up parabola down to the point (1.5m, 4.5 kN) where it inflects to be a concave down parabola down to (3.0m, 9 kN)


    A little more complicated, but the same idea, I think:

    At the wall, M = 6kN/m * 1.5m * (0.5m + 2.5m) = 27 kN·m

    The moment due to the LHS of the load is 6kN/m * 1.5m * 0.5m = 4.5 kN·m

    and so I'll wager that the moment graph has a similar shape, but the point of inflection is at (1.5m, 22.5kN·m)

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