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500 Calories a day, and surviving?

Hi guys, I'm a 19 year old female and since mid July, I've averaged about 500-600 calories a day, and sometimes even 300 and some days like a piece of bread only. This whole year really, I stopped eating right and in July, I developed anxiety and depression. I used to be 120lb and super fit. The last time I weighed myself was about 2 months ago and I was at 92lbs and I'm sure that's dropped. I don't always have a lot of food at my house. The only health signs that I've noticed is that my hair has started to fall out in massive amounts and my hair has thinned drastically. What will happen if I continue like this? I'm almost never hungry and I have to force feed.

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    Different nutrient deficiencies can cause different problems. It may be a little while before you start seeing or feeling the internal effects of starvation and nutrient deprivation. Your body will take what it can from within itself, and when it can't do that, then problems will develop due to not having any or enough of specific vitamins and minerals that the body requires.

    Basically what you are doing is considered slow suicide. You can exist/survive for a while on a very low calorie intake, but not indefinitely. Eventually, even if you returned to an appropriated amount of calories/nutrition, there's a point where so much damage will have already been done to the body that it won't matter. Your body won't ever fully recover, and organ failure or heart attack is likely due to being too malnourished for too long.

    Talk to your doctor. You need some serious help, if your story is true.

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    Nutrient deficiencies will cause anxiety and depression, especially vitamin B12, folate, and others. and your hair thinning might be a lack of biotin.

    Egg yolk will supply all these vitamins and nutrients (except vitamin C) swallow them raw if you can, (but not the egg white that contains avidin which is antagonistic to biotin, when uncooked) I do, but if not, eat then lightly boiled.

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    You'll die.


    Go ahead and test it.

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    You will most likely die prematurely, have you been to a doctor for this? Try some some protein shakes to gain some weight back. They're easier to put down than a whole meal. You can start there and hopefully graduate to actual meals

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    You die. Your "diet" is unsustainable. Sounds like you are anorexic or very near to it.


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    This is not sustainable and your organs will start failing if you keep this up and you'll eventually die from a heart attack most likely. Please try to eat more or seek help.

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