Is Cessna being totally unoriginal?


First it was their copy of the Pilatus PC-12, now their latest project would appear to be a Twin Otter!

Update 2:

I can't blame their for building what will sell, but it's as if people like Burt Rutan wasted their time coming up with innovations in light aircraft.

Update 3:

That's a very fair point that a lot of Twin Otter operators do not need or use its STOL capability.

Update 4:

I'm guessing that Viking Air gets very few orders for new Twin Otters precisely because Caravans are good enough most of the time.

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    3 years ago
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    Not really. The PC-12 was hardly a new idea. Several other manufacturers tried the same idea without success due to the legal limitations of single engine aircraft and the existing market for twin piston aircraft.

    The new Cessna is very little like the Twin Otter other than general configuration. The Twin Otter is a no holds barred STOL aircraft.. while the Sky Courier is a utility aircraft designed to be cheap to operate and fit in logistically with other cargo carrying operations.

    It’s like comparing a Turbine Otter to a Caravan. A Caravan will go on floats and into the bush... but at the end of the day it was designed to go from pavement to pavement on wheels.

    The Sky Courier will displace the -400 Twin Otter for operators who don’t need STOL, like inter island, skydive, and tour operators.

    Burt Rutan? Beech Starship. A fly a brand new version of the aircraft it was supposed to replace 30 years ago. It’s not only far more capable, but even faster on installed power

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