When will college letter come?

I applied for early decision at university of rochester. The notification date is the 15th, tomorrow. I haven’t received a letter yet. Do they typically come before that date? Or is there still a chance that I wasnt denied? I feel like I would have received the letter by now if I had gotten in but I’m not sure when they’re sent. Just wondering!

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  • 3 years ago
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    Why would you assume you would be notified before the notification date or that you would be getting a letter in the mail? For most universities, the admissions office will either send an email or post the admissions decision online on the date of notification. IF you are admitted, you will eventually get a large envelope in the mail with all kinds of info but that can take a week or more to be sent. The university should have informed you how to check for the admissions decision by providing a login to a portal on its website.

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  • 3 years ago

    Honey, if the notification date is the 15th, then it'll be sent on or after the 15th. I'm not sure why you're confused about this.

    I applied early decision too! And I got in. Hope you do too!

    • R.M.3 years agoReport

      Thank you! :)

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