Will a 5th gen Toyota Celica GT Fender fit a GT-S?

So, last week I was involved in a car accident where I went off the road and slid into the side of a tree. The side of my car was damaged pretty bad, but nothing that s not worth fixing. But there is a problem, the fender is mangled beyond repair and I will need a new one. But every parts place I called said the part was discontinued. Great... So I continued searching the interned and I found one guy who said he has a fender pre painted and vehicle specific for my car. Only problem is it s $550 plus shipping. That s a little too much. So Then I decided to search local scrapyards to see if I could find anything. And I got a hit, a 1991 Toyota Celica GT that still had both fenders. The guy said he d sell me one for $100 Only problem is my car is a 1990 Celica GT-S and I m worried that a GT Fender won t fit. I just need someone to tell me, would a GT Fender fit a GT-S?

2 Answers

  • 3 years ago

    The GT-S and All-Trac fenders, front and back, are more muscular than the GT and ST. It'll look funny.

    (Had a 1990 GT.)

  • 3 years ago

    Yes. It's the same fender.

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