What are the chamces the baby is mine?

Ex gf and i broke up a little over a month ago. After we broke up she went into hoe mode and banged a bunch of dudes. What are the chances the kids mine?

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  • 3 years ago
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    ALWAYS GET A PATERNITY TEST. I don't care what you think, get that test done every time these days. Also, makes sure your name is NOT on the birth certificate unless you agree to put it there. If your name is on the birth certificate you can be sued and still have to pay child support. A woman can put your name on the birth certificate and you can be sued and have to pay child support. Better protect yourself and make sure your name is not on that piece of paper. Wouldn't want to end up like this guy:


    Or the many others footing the bill for a kid that isn't theirs.

  • Nobody
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    3 years ago

    I'd say its 25% or less. But just get a paternity test to make sure so she doesn't try to hoodwink you into thinking its yours and its not.

  • Violet
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    3 years ago

    ......you sound like a real prince.

    Do the kid a favor and leave it alone.

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