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I will pay yuo to do my homework please help.?

this is for the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms.

1. The practicality of the expectations/suggestions which are set forth within the document or the degree to which these can be put into practice by the average citizen.

2. Our compliance (as a national or global society) with the expectations and/or suggestions contained in this document. Are we putting these into practice or are they generally being ignored?

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    Violation to offer to pay, but I'm not reporting you.

    Here is the Charter. Read .

    1/ Can the average citizen practice in everyday life what you read there?

    2/ Are we practicing what you read or are we not or are we just ignoring what the charter says in every day life?

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      LMFAO that was funny. Good one!
      thank you!
      You didn't answer the questions how am I supposed to pay hahaha

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