Can someone just help me out with a professional resume?

If I had 125 spare dollars I probably wouldn't be looking for a new job. I just need someone to help me out if I get a new job I'll compensate that person easily. I've looked everything up tried to put stuff in but it's not working

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  • tro
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    3 years ago

    if you have $125 spare dollars I am sure you can find a good place for it rather than giving to someone else

  • 3 years ago

    1. Contact Section. Name, address, phone, email, etc.

    2. Objective Statement - what you want to do or how you can help the company

    3. Education section - List recent first then list history with next most recent, etc.

    4.Work History - same, List latest position followed by the one prior, etc.

    5 (optional) - Any professional society memberships, school clu activity, etc.

    6. References- people who have knowledge of your character and work performance. Best if professional references but a personal or two can be added. Minimum, three.

    *Note: you can swap education section and work history section as to which is listed first between sections 3 & 4 - use whichever is your strongest section.

    DO NOT LIST your race, your sex, your orientations, religion, etc. These are no-nos.

    Find examples. There should be plenty online.

    Make it strong, but condensed. Everything should be presented to fit nicely when viewed on one single page. If you absolutely need to use a second page, put references on there. At the bottom of your first page you can list references available on request, and always supply the second page.

    A hiring person will receive hundreds of resumes for every popular open position. They will only glance at yours for about ten seconds. Make your ten seconds count. always carry a resume even if only an application is required, so you can reference your own info/history at a glance.

    Any application is a good example of the info you may need for a resume, without the company specific info included.

  • 3 years ago

    Start with googling 'resume template' and remember that local sources like Goodwill, any 'hire center' can help you fill out a decent resume.

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