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Is there anyplace that you can go to play with dogs in Toronto?

I LOVE dogs. unfortunately, right now my family isn't willing to go through the process of buying a dog though. Soooo i was thinking whether there is a place in Toronto where you can go to play with dogs? (NOT PET SHELTERS) I have already contacted almost every shelter i know and all of them said that they dont allow people. PLEASE COMMENTTTTT

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  • 3 years ago

    NO where

    You are too young to walk dogs. You have to be 18+ and have insurance and if anything happens tot he dogs due to you being too young to be responsible for them, your parents will be sued

    There is nowhere that will allow you to play with dogs. Get over it. Since you clearly think dogs are toys for your amusement, its best your parents don't allow a dog

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    • Niusha3 years agoReport

      You also seem to be loving the idea of calling people young😂. Like OKAY BRO. WE GET IT. YOU ARE “OLD AND RESPONSIBLE”. ARE U HAPPY NOW. Also its funny how much this question it affecting you since you seen to be having an incredibly hard time getting over it

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  • *****
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    3 years ago

    To a friend's house that owns dogs.

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  • 3 years ago

    Start a dog walking service, then you can get paid for playing with dogs.

    • ZotsRule
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      3 years agoReport

      An immature child like this??? NO effing way. They won't have insurance and will end up losing or KILLING dogs when they yank the leash out of this idiot's hand or they drop the leash while texting!

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