I have a Gigabyte GA-X58A-UDR motherboard with 12gb ddr3 ram( 6pc of 2GB/each) PC10600/133MHz. If I want to add ram, can I only in pairs?


Can I only add in pairs of 2GB DDR3 ram?

Update 2:

Since it only has 6 slots, can I swap two of the 6 2GB DDR3 sticks with 2 4GB sticks to bring it to 16GB or will that be inefficient?

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    3 years ago
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    I also have an x58 board with 6 memory slots but my board is an Asus. Most x58 boards have 3 or 6 slots for triple channel memory. There are a few weird x58 boards that do have 4 slots.

    You could try it but no one can guarantee the 4gb sticks will be stable. What I would suggest doing is sticking the memory in Channel A to see if it will work. It might work but that memory configuration might also throw your RAM into a dual channel configuration. If that doesn't work then you can put the 4gb sticks in Channel A and B. Having the RAM in dual channel never really hurt those old x58 systems, so if you need more quantity then it's not a painful sacrifice.

    It would be for the best if you had three 4gb sticks of RAM. But it doesn t hurt for you to test what you have.

    You can go to Gigabyte.com to download a PDF of your motherboard s user manual.

    You can use CPU-Z to find out if your memory is running in single, dual, or triple channel.


    Some of those x58 motherboards can run 6-core Xeon Processors like the w3680 and x5680. These Xeon processors are cheap and you can find them on ebay. I have an x5690 with my Asus x58 motherboard and it can overclock to 4.4ghz without breaking a sweat.


    My system also has all 6 slots populated with 2gb sticks of RAM.

    I tested with 2x 4gb Sticks of Corsair Vengeance, using CPU-Z to verify if the ssytem was in dual or triple channel

    Here are my results

    -Test 1

    a-2 4gb, a-1 4gb, b-2 2gb, b-1 2gb, c-2 2gb, c-1 2gb

    Triple Channel

    -Test 2

    a-2 2gb, a-1 4gb, b-2 2gb, b-1 4gb, c-2 2gb, c-1 2gb

    Triple Channel

    =Test 3

    a-2 2gb, a-1 2gb, b-2 2gb, b-1 2gb, c-2 N/A, c-1 N/A

    Dual Channel

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Although you will get your most efficient use of the ram if you use matching pairs you can use a 2 4 6 and 8 12 any darn Ram that you can fit in the slot that is compatible with the numbers and it will run although a little slower not much slower just a little slower

  • Adrian
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    3 years ago

    It is a triple channel design, you have to replace ram in sets of 3's. Also, most of those earlier boards will only take up to 4GB sticks, nothing more than that. Maximum ram in those boards is 24GB (6 x 4GB sticks).

    Any mix of non-three sets will not run in triple channel mode, you will lose a bit of ram access speed. Also, some ram configurations may not be supported, check the manual....

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