Moving to canada at 16 with a canadian passport?

Hi, I was wondering if I could move to canada at 16, since i'm a canadian citizen who is currently living in the states. I'm also american, I live with my mom and I don't really like it here so I was wondering if I could move back with my dad who is in canada. My mom doesn't agree with me going but my dad says yes. I heard since I'm holding a canadian passport they have to let me in regardless at the airport? I don't think it's considered running away because my dad is accepting me to live with him just not my mom. And no they're no divorced or anything I just don't like it here and my mom doesn't like canada. To sum it up basically asking if I could just leave to the airport at 16 and move back with my dad in canada who agrees with me moving in.

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  • 3 years ago

    You are a minor child! You live with the parent who is on the court order of custody, child support & visitation. IF your mother has custody, other than ViSITS to your father in compliance with visitation section of the court order, you remain with your mother until your 18th birthday. OR both your parents & you go back to court to petition a judge to amend the court order.

    NO court order? You & your parents have legal issues, and you lack certain protections. But since you have been living with mommy, you stay with mommy until you turn 18, OR there is a court order giving custody to daddy.

  • 3 years ago

    You can't move anywhere without parental consent as a minor

  • 3 years ago

    Border authorities are SUPER attuned to kids, and custody issue. While you may be allowed to live in Canada as you are Canadian, you will live where your parents (and you, a bit) agree. If they cannot agree, you live where a Judge says. In Canada, at 16, you decide where you live - on your own even But, American states may not have similar laws. This is a Family Court issue, not one of passports.

  • Mike
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    3 years ago

    how were the original arrangements made for you to live with mom and not dad ? was there any court order as to custody and visiting rights > ? as you are UNDER 18, you are NOT a legal adult, so parents or court can change where and with whom you live.

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