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can a fat person last longer without food than a fit person as long as they get plenty of fluids?

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    Yes, of course. When a person is starving (voluntarily or food is being withheld) the body turns on itself and starts to use its own tissues for energy to perform the necessary processes to keep it alive. A fat person would have more stored 'fuel' for the body to use than someone who was average sized or slim. If you were comparing a very muscular person to a fat person, then it would depedend on to what extreme (how fat a person compared to how bulked up a person?) but the short answer is yes...someone carrying extra tissue (fat or muscle) would typically be able to survive longer without food, than someone of an 'average' size.

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    Here 's a medical journal link to an article about a man who went on a fast for 382 days under strict medical supervision. He went from 456 pounds to 180 pounds.

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    Yes because they are fat.

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    Yes, absolutely. Fat is intended to keep us alive in environments where food is scarce. It is stored and burned as energy. However, human evolution has not yet caught up with the food and sugar industry of the Western world. In this day and age, food is in abundance. Our ancestors were hunter-gatherers. They didn't have access to grocery stores, restaurants, fast food places, and all the artificial, processed food that exists today.

    Nowadays, excess fat is more likely to harm us than help us survive. But the human body is still primitive. It perceives fat as a good thing because "what if we can't find anything to eat this winter?" Hence why our bodies continue to store a lot of fat even though it's counterintuitive in this current environment.

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    You could, but honestly I wouldn't try this. When you don't eat, you go into a process where you go into starvation. This is where your body will conserve all the food and nutrients that it needs, and will keep the adipose (fat) on you. So please keep yourself hydrated, and fed. You can have smaller healthier meals such as high protein foods, and low carbohydrates but please do NOT starve yourself.

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    one person without extra weight.

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    Yes. They have more stored up to burn than a person without extra weight.

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