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Mike asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 3 years ago

any good netflix recommendations?

if you have one could you please give a brief description of it? thank you, I'll give 10 points if you can help me out.

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    Dear White People, kinda short series because there's only one season so far but it's about this predominantly white college whose students threw a racist black-face party, in turn creating this huge controversial uproar. The main character is a radio host for a show called "Dear White People" where she talks about some of the problems she's had to face living as a black woman in a white college

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    You didn’t specify your tastes of whether you want movies, documentaries, tv shows, DVDs or streaming. My tastes may not match yours, but these are some of my all time favorite Netflix streaming tv series:

    Breaking Bad


    Prison Break



    House of cards



    Check them out. I hope you enjoy some of those as much as I have.

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