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How often do you clean a hamsters cage?

I know it’s a dumb question but I was considering getting a hamster but I hear y’all that they have a bad smell and also was told u have to clean their cages out a lot. Is there a way you can keep them cleaner?

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    Depends on cage size and how much bedding. I kept a pair of dwarf hamsters in a 55 gallon tank and had about 8 inches of bedding. I did not clean that thing out real often. I actually don't remember how often I cleaned it out. About every 3 weeks. I did spot clean a few times a week. There were a few spots that they liked to pee so I scooped out that bedding.

    Honestly I wouldn't get a cage much smaller than a 55 gallon. The footprint anyway (which is 576 square inches). Hamsters need more space than most people think. Bedding is also actually pretty important which is why I gave mine 8 inches. I think more is even recommended if the cage is tall enough. Hamsters love to burrow.

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    If you have an appropriately sized cage (450 sq inches or bigger) you really shouldn't be fully cleaning the cage any more often than every other week. Cleaning a hamster's cage too often can lead to excess stress which can compromise their immune system making them more prone to diseases like wet tail. You should however spot clean atleast twice a week to keep smells down.

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    3 years ago

    I got lucky with my daughters Hammies, they toileted in the far opposite corner away from their den and food. We scooped out the corner every day and did half litter changes every other day. About every 10 days things needed washing down (or whenever it got stinky) her best friend had 2 males and they were a lot more messy, didn’t care where they toileted or what they toileted on, their nest stank, food was pooped in etc. could have been the breed or could have been the difference between males and females.

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    Hamsters do have a typical small animal smell, that comes with keeping them. As long as you are diligent about cleaning their cage and supplying a sand bath, their odors are really far from offensive.

    10 days is about as long as you should go in between cleanings, most keepers clean cages once a week.

    More often if smells become bad. Daily spot cleaning is essential also, and you have to check daily for problems like wet bedding or perishable foods contaminating the cage. Urine smells can be the worst, after 3 days, urine begins to develop bacteria and ammonia which is unhealthy for your pet. Some seem a clean sort where this is not much problem but others can be messy and become offensive after 4 or 5 days, sort of do as needed.

    You may find hamsters stash foods in their hide, anything perishable has to be removed daily and they tend to poop and pee in certain areas. Un soiled dry bedding can be reused, otherwise it gets changed out.

    They should be allowed a sand bath a couple/few times a week, it can be a part of the cage amenities, but it will get messy and also need cleaning and fresh sand.

    Hard for me to recall all my pet rodents, but with proper care, they don't smell bad, often their food mells dominate.

    My guinea pig pen smells of hay for the most part.

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Ask the pet store.

  • 3 years ago

    I'm afraid they are inherently stinky creatures. We cleaned the cages daily at the end, fortunately 2 years is about all they will live. They are surprisingly social with humans, especially if they feel safe in those little round balls. Though they WILL bite occasionally. We had no interest in getting more!

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