I could cry! So sick to my stomach. I feel like an idiot! help?

Ok so this guy who I used to buy coffee from at who I thought liked me because he would always strike up conversation with me and ask me personal questions about my life completely DISSED ME. One Friday night he asked me if I had plans that night and whether I drinked. It was caught off guard by the question. I said I had nothing too exciting planned and that I’d have a glass of wine but wasn’t really into getting drunk. He then laughed and said ‘curl up with a glass of wine.’ After that he got a really serious look on his face, looked at me intensely, and me being the socially awkward IDIOT that I am, smiled at him. Guess what? He had a gf! Kill me.

We ran into each other again after that boy did he have a point to make. He was sitting with his friend and they were both laughing. I looked at him thinking he would say hi to me and he just sat there laughing like ‘b$&$& I don’t give a eff if u don’t get drunk I ain’t into you.’’

According to social media he had a gf the entire time. They’re so in love and talk about how great their *** life is. Why would he ask me these questions? I’m usually by myself so he probably thought I was a loser. I’m really heartbroken cuz I liked him.

This is really bothering me and I feel stupid.

I tried coming out of my shell and look what happens to me. I need advice because this whole situation is affecting my wellbeing.

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    3 years ago

    OKay this is just some guy. He is not god and he is just a guy that serves you coffee and talks to you.

    Yes, it sucks to think one thing about someone and later find out things you didn't know about. This guy probably flirts with all the cute girls because it probably gives him bigger tips.

    You are also making assumptions about what he was thinking with his friends and that's not healthy or productive. You have NO clue what he was thinking. So don't assume.

    You just have to brush it all off and move on. Maybe that means you get coffee elsewhere from now on.

    You didn't do anything wrong. And from his view point, neither did he--he was just being friendly.

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    It's called being CHARMING equals good tips! It's part of the job!

    So, you thought . . . and now you felt like an idiot!

    But for him to laugh while he's with his friend, (assuming they were talking about YOU), he just lost a customer! OR . . .

    Why not just ignore all that, and bring a guy with you, so HE'LL KNOW, you're alright with that and that the joke's on him!

    If it bothered you so much, then AVOID HIM!

    Source(s): Been in CS for 35 years. If I wasn't wearing a ring . . . I've had several dates by now, and going out every Friday nights! You need to be charming, to make a sale, bonuses, and tips.
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    Don't over think it.

    Yes he liked you but unfortunately he is a player and wanted to enjoy some time with you when he is not with his girlfriend.

    These guys are always cheating but they only do it with beautiful girl.

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    3 years ago

    Especially if this is a guy who works at a coffee shop, you really misunderstood the situation. People who work in customer service are supposed to be friendly and strike up conversation, but especially people who work in coffee shops! My family used to own one. The baristas always asked personal questions and joked with the customers. Most coffee customers want that and get used to thinking of their barista as their friend. He was not dissing you by saying "curl up with a bottle of wine." He was just paraphrasing what you said and having fun. And he was probably laughing and having fun off duty that night, not even thinking about what you said, or laughing in a teasing way. Asking if you had plans was not his way of asking you out. People do that a ton in customer service, especially selling coffee. (In fact, several of the women customers preferred out first manager because he was so happy and friendly but he was married and not intending to give an impression of romantic interest.)

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  • 3 years ago

    he never said he liked you, he asked about your life in a friendly way (like his job requires him to). don't make assumptions in the future, and you won't get hurt.

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