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Rectangle with a width of 1.2m and a length of 2.4m is submerged in mercury. bottom of the rectange is 5m below the surface. find : Force?

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    Find what force? If the rectangle is oriented horizontally in the mercury and is rather thin, then the force on both the top and bottom surface of the rectangle is

    F = 13.6 * 1000kg/m³ * 9.8m/s² * 5m * 1.2m * 2.4m = 1.9e6 N

    But if the rectangle is "standing tall" in the fluid, then the pressure at the top of the rectangle is

    p = 13600kg/m³ * 9.8m/s² * 2.6m = 3.465e5 Pa

    and at the bottom is

    p' = 13600kg/m³ * 9.8m/s² * 5m = 6.664e5 Pa

    and so the total force on each vertical face is

    F = ½(p + p')A = ½(3.465 + 6.664)e5Pa * 1.2m * 2.4m = 1.46e6 N

    Hope this helps!

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