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What's your opinion today about the NHL staying out of the Olympics when the US Men's team lost to Slovenia?

Slovenia being a team that was ranked 12th of the 12 teams in the Olympic Games. Only a population of 2 million, a country that been around for less than 30 years.

I'm thinking kids watching the Women's hockey team would be inspired to become hockey players. But watching the Men's hockey team would be inspired to become snowboarders.

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    I don't have one because what you're talking about is the poster child of a false flag. The NHL, the IOC and the IIHF couldn't reach an agreement to allow for players under NHL contract to participate. The NHL wanted travel costs and insurance paid for by the IOC and wanted the ability to show digital highlights on their platform (example: being able to see Olympic highlights on and team sites, so if you're an Oilers fan you can see highlights of Connor McDavid playing for Canada on the Oilers team site or The IOC said no. The IIHF couldn't broker a deal, so here we are. Odds are they'll sort it out for 2022 because everyone wants to get a foothold in China.

    It's unfortunate because had the NHL been able to send players over the Americans would be medal contenders.

    If you honestly think losing preliminary round game that started at 7am ET/4am PT is going to turn American kids away from hockey (it won't) then I can't help you (the truth is that participation in hockey in America (if you go by USA Hockey registration) is up almost 100,000 in the last ten years). Yes- the Olympics are a great showcase for the sport but much of the work is being done at the local level.

    The OAR (Russia) lost to Slovakia and they have (arguably) the best roster since they're using KHL players. That, IMO, is far more embarrassing.

    We do the same thing here in Canada (it's people at the local level running intro/beginner/house leagues that feed into the next step who won't get one millionth of the credit they deserve). Our men beat Switzerland this morning; the kid that watches that one game, and based on winning that one game decides to play hockey doesn't exist.

    The US women lost last night to Canada 2-1. By your logic US women won't want to play the game (except despite not winning gold in 20 years, women's USA Hockey registration is through the roof). Women have two options in North America to play professional hockey (the NWHL and the CWHL) which they didn't have 5 years ago.

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    3 years ago

    It's short-sighted on the NHL's part. All the players wanted to be in the Olympics. It helps the game and the NHL by inspiring kids to play and watch. It was greed.

  • 3 years ago

    The US losing to Slovenia has no impact on my opinion about the matter.

  • My opinion is yay NHL! Thanks for securing Gold for Canada!!!

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    They should stay out. Unless the Olympics wants to pay them to use the talent.

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    3 years ago

    The NHL doesn't just consist of US Athletes,there were NHL players who represented multiple countries in previous Olympics. I don't know if there are any NHL players that would have played for Slovenia, but there is no guarantee that even with NHL players they would have won.

    Personally I am good with NHL Players staying out of the Olympics. It isn't all about winning and doing this has given people the chance to do something that they couldn't if an NHL player took their spot.

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    3 years ago

    I don't watch the Olympics just to see the US win medals. I watch for the fun and the quality of the sports in general. It used to be the case that no professional athletes participated, so I can't say I'm at all bothered if the NHL players don't want to participate. That's their privilege. No one should force them to do so.

    We're not a big winter sports powerhouse anyway. We never win as many medals in the Winter Olympics as countries like Norway and Germany do. I don't think that's a big deal. Again, I don't watch for the medal count.

    Why can't kids be inspired by the other hockey teams if ours isn't so terrific?

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