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Is my iPhone tapped?

I was listening to music today when my phone screen went black and had the loading simbol as well as vibrated like someone was calling me. This lasted about 5 seconds then went back to my normal screen that I was on. About a few hours later I was texting and my volume went up without me touching it. I have been super paranoid ever since. Is my phone tapped?

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    3 years ago
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    Tapping a "land line" is very easy because each line uses One

    and Only One Specific pair of wires that enter the exchange building.

    Cell phones work in a way that makes tapping them virtually impossible.

    In order to "tap" a specific cell phone,

    the person(s) doing it would need to know what single pair of wires

    out of hundreds or thousands in an exchange building to clip onto.

    Each call would probably use a different pair of wires.

    Then, even if the tappers knew which pair of wires to use for each different call to or from Your phone,

    they might not have enough time to connect before the call ended.

    The entire effort would be futile at best.

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