I asked a girl if She would kiss me and she said maybe, should I just go for it?

Ok, so there's this girl I've been friends with for the past 4 months, and she has known for awhile that I have had romantic feelings for her, but she rejected me once saying "I don't like you in THAT way." But she continued to hang out with me and lately seems to be flirting with me as she would do things such as tickle me, grab my leg, poke me, laugh at me playfully etc. Also, on valentine's day, I got her a box of chocolates, flowers, and a cute card that said "You are the most beautiful girl I know! You are also a very nice and funny person too!" She accepted it and then bought me a bag of candy from the school store. The next day, she asked me if I could buy her a smartphone. I didn't exactly buy her a cell phone, but I gave her my old one. She took it and then created Snapchat and added me. It was later taken away by her parents bc she was grounded. Today I asked her if she would kiss me and she said maybe. I wrote "ooh well atleast that's not a no!" and she had no reply to that (understandable because I wouldn't know how to reply to that either.) But tomorrow is the last day before break and then I won't get to see her for a full week. Should I kiss her goodbye tomorrow? I really, really like this girl and think she's beautiful af. I really, really want to kiss her but do not know if it is exactly the best idea, so I need advice. When we were leaving school today I said "Goodbye, beautiful!" But then immediately ran away so I didn't hear her response

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    A peck on the cheek should be fine from what you have written - especially as she didn't say "no" when you asked her. Normally I would advise against asking first, but these days it might be safest! Girls like guys who are reasonably confident - shy is ok, but not cowardice!

    If you are alone together, you could take her face in your hands (which demonstrates tenderness), kiss her forehead gently, then her eyes, nose then lips - rub across them gently with yours and if she is ok with that pull her jaw down to open her mouth - again very gently.

    Good Luck!

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    No, she only said may be, wait !

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    Yes! Go for kiss. "Come here, I can't wait a whoke week to see the one I love! Let me say goodbye please." If she turns away, it didn't work this time. But if she always flirting maybe soon.

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    sounds like she's leading you on, cut her out of your life, it will be hard but if you want a chance with her you cant just be always there for her, you look desperate

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