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He is always saying ''sorry'' to me?

Been seeing each other for almost four months. It is long distance as he leaves across the country but he is from the same city as me and is moving back home in May. We spent time together in December and then I recently got back from visiting him.

The past three or so weeks I have noticed a change in a him. All he does is go to class, go to hockey practice and has a game about once a week and then other than that he is sitting at home playing video games. He has apologized for not texting me as much and calling as much but that he finds gaming ''so fun''

Well right now he's away for spring break for a few days. Instead of gaming he is just getting drunk with his buddies. We have barely spoken.

At least once or twice a day I get a text from saying ''sorry'' and then some sort of reason either gaming, or like today he said he just hadn't been checking his phone much.

I'm getting tired of this. What to do?

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    Honestly it sounds like he wants to do his own thing but also is keeping you around for no reason and we all know your never to busy to quickly talk throughout the day A full time college student that plays sports and games is not a excuse cause I'm 27 and have been to school and know the routine life of a student . There is nothing you can do I would just ignore him cause he is showing signs he is talking to someone else and your buddies and gaming are not time consuming . I play games that have matches that last 20-30 mins max and have time to message you in game lobbies and loading screens and if it's open world it's slow pace and can spare time to contact you and call you in game ... Games are a pathetic excuse which a typical female can't tell it's bs .. quit wondering when he will come back no body deserves to be put on standby

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