What is cultural appropriation and why is it a thing?

I suppose I'm just sheltered but I've never heard of "cultural appropriation" until now. In Canada when we use/eat anything from other cultures we consider that multiculturalism , which is essentially us appreciating and sharing our cultures.

If someone can explain to me how it's bad and what is considered "cultural appropriation" I'd appreciate it as ofcourse I have no intention to offend anyone (with the way I dress or what food I eat? Idk what else counts)

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  • Alex
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    2 years ago
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    "Cultural appropriation" was created by hypocrites who want to use other people's cultures and yet exclude anyone else from using their own culture.

    People are trying to make it an issue and they are hypocrites, because they usually culturally appropriate, by the same standards, another culture at the same time they are accusing another group of people of appropriating their or another's culture.

    I find it ridiculous, for example, to see a non-white person speaking English, dressed in white people clothes, living in a Western/white society, and then accusing a white person of cultural appropriation.

    Just ignore it. It's not an issue. People are trying to make it an issue because they have nothing better to do. I don't believe in cultural appropriation. Culture is meant to bring people together and for us to admire and share with each other. If you are not disrespecting the cultural element itself or the cultural to which it belongs, then I do not see the problem with borrowing from another culture. Culture should NOT be reserved for people with genetic ties to people who used it first. That's so stupid.

    If you just ignore it, it's not a problem. There's no laws thankfully against "cultural appropriation," so you shouldn't worry about it at all. It's a ridiculous concept.

    To use another people's culture is only wrong when you are using it while making fun of them or insulting them or mocking them, or something like that, or if you take someone's culture and try to claim it's yours.

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  • 2 years ago

    "Cultural appropriation" is a term used for "mishandling other cultures", or "claiming that this culture is mine".

    Examples include the usage of sacred Native American warbonnets as a costume, the usage of Buddha statues as a garden decoration, or mixing up Chinese and Japanese cultures in a fantasy world. The New Age movement is one guilty culprit for jumbling up Indian spirituality and pseudoscientific mumbo-jumbo.

    It is a thing to some people because to them (usually Blacks, Native Americans, some Asian Americans), it is making fun of discrimination against them to simply play with their traditions which they were prohibited from or mocked for using them. For example, a Black would get upset over several Whites being fans of hip-hop; a Native would get upset over not being permitted from practicing his customs while Whites pretend to be jumbled "Indians".

    In my case (as an East Asian), "cultural appropriation" is not a big deal to me -- I usually use English and Malay, and I like Indian, Indonesian, Hittite, Russian, and Japanese cultures. I do however, avoid certain offensive things, such as playing around with warbonnets.

    Source(s): Social justice websites.
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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    It's when members of a dominant culture take something that is culturally relevant to a minority culture and adopt it as decoration, ignoring the underlying meanings. For example, warbonnets were important parts of native American culture. They had a deep and spiritual meaning to the tribes. Runway models have worn warbonnets as decoration in fashion shows. This is cultural appropriation.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Here's some examples of cultural appropriation. Black people's so called "cultural food" (soul food) is a mixture of European and Native American food yet blacks claim it as theirs. Black people appropriated white sports like basketball and football. Blacks appropriated middle eastern religions like Christianity and Islam. And of course blacks don't have their own language so they speak white languages like English French Spanish and Portuguese etc. Blacks even appropriated slang words. The slang word "Yo" for example is Italian slang. Blacks don't have their own type of clothing so they just wear what white people wear.

    • HorsesPlease19
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      2 years agoReport

      Perhaps you would like to see Blacks getting banned from doing so, because you hate Blacks. And you don't like commas.

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  • Peach
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    2 years ago

    It’s a meaningless term. Don’t listen to

    Anyone who uses that term.

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