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Do you think working at a startup company for an internship is good?

Will it give me valuable experience before graduating university? I'm in engineering btw.


EDIT: The internship is affiliated with my university

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    Yes, any work experience looks good on your resume and in field experience looks the best.

    Definitely do an internship.

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    Yes, working in a small company let you handle more different tasks than a large one.

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    I'm going to agree more with Rosalie than with Shibes. If you can get an internship at a larger company outside your university, that will be better (a) because a larger company may have the capacity to expose you to more diverse work experiences and (b) because a reference that clearly does NOT come from your university will be a good supplement to whatever references you have from inside the uni.

    I'm not saying don't take the job at the start-up that's connected with the uni; I'm just saying that if you have choices, a different choice might well be a better choice.

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    It could, but more than likely, you would do better interning at a larger, more established company. It's important to learn the foundation concepts as well as how to work in a larger company, before you fly the helicopter. Startups may sound fun, but they also have a tendency to evaporate, and then you have no reference- or you have a reference from something that didn't survive. Another candidate with more solid references would have an edge on you. There's actually a lot that is valuable in the experience you get from the older guys. They make MUCH better references, as well.

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