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How to get rid of a wide torso/ muffin top?

I’m 17 and around 160 pounds and 5’5 in height. I’ve never struggled with weight per say but I do carry a bigger stomach. I’ve always had skinny legs and arms with a bit of muscle but my torso is another story. It’s about 34 inches in the middle and I do have a “muffin top.” My torso is very wide especially around where my boobs are. I do stink 8 to 10 cups of water a day and try to walk as much as I can and have been cutting back on my unhealthy food. What I mean is I don’t eat it everyday, maybe three times a week but it’s not a big splurge. I know I should cut back on it completely. I’m not really a fan of an workouts because in order to tone my abs I need to be slightly slimmer. I did have my gallbladder removed late February of this year so I also am constantly bloated and uncomfortable in my own skin. I was thinking about bike riding at lest 3-5 times a week once the weather is warm enough. I’d just like to know some tips she tricks to get a less wider torso and maybe take off 10 pounds.

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    They key is getting your eating right (that's 80% of your fat loss program). You can treat yourself now and then, but make it once a week (or less) until you reach your goal size/shape. Once you hit your goal, then work out how often you can treat yourself and still maintain your weight.

    Exercise is great. It's good for overall health, and it helps burn some extra calories...BUT it's only a small part of fat loss. Eating is key. Cut out as much processed food as possible. Continue drinking plenty of water (a general good goal is to drink half your weight in ounces, for you that would be 80 ounces a day).

    Your meals should consist mostly of lean protein/meat, lots of fresh veggies, beans, lentils, fresh fruits, complex carbs (whole grain bread, brown white bread or things made with white sugar), and healthy fats (nuts, avocado, EVOO, coconut oil). Avoid microwaveable meals, entrees in a can (like beef stew or spagetti o's), avoid fried foods and "junk" food. Avoid soda and other sugar drinks (including fruit juice with added sugar).

    Biking is fine for exercise if that's what you prefer. You said "I’m not really a fan of an workouts because in order to tone my abs I need to be slightly slimmer." but that doesn't make sense. There are TONS of workouts that don't focus on your abs, and don't have to be slimmer to work your abs (you just won't be able to see any results of firming abdominal muscles, until there's no fat covering them). Youtube has a LOT of fitness workouts of all types, from beginner to advanced, with and without equipment, cardio workouts, strength workouts, dancing workouts, yoga workouts, etc. You can find them from 5 mins long to an hour or more, so find a private spot to exercise and pull up a video and workout. Variety will help keep you from getting bored, and hopefully keep you exercising regularly.

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    Eat less and move more.

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    Talk with a nutritionist (not dietitian) about this.

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    Cardio burns fat.

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    You can get rid of your muffin top by eating 1,500 calories per day.

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