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Will elon musk's rocket city to city travel hurt the airline industry?

Because I fear children ages in elementary school middle school high school will never be airline pilots elon musk is going to ruin the fun of being a airline pilot there are people that want to be pilots will boeing airbus go bankrupt due to elon musk's bfr rocket city travel i dont trust rockets.

I am 22 years old I turn 23 in October will airplanes be replaced by rockets in the near future for international flights

I also fear I will never fly airbus a350 due to rockets

Elon musk is going to ruin the fun of air travel

He is going to ruin the fun of people dreaming to be pilots

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    Air travel is NOT fun. Ask any person of above-average height or weight.

    But if the occupation of airline pilot were to disappear, wouldn't those people be the most likely candidates to operate the rocket fleet?

    Musk's concepts have a long way to go, to prove their economic viability. Tesla bond price is 88c on the dollar, indicating that investors think there is a substantial risk of NEVER being paid off.

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    Even Musk’s reusable rockets are still an incredibly expensive way to travel and even the best rockets are still a massively risky means of human transportation.

    But the main reason is simple: rockets can only carry a few people at a time. Airliners can carry hundreds of people, and there’s no reason why it couldn’t be over one thousand people (especially with some proposed economy seating profiles for the a-380).

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    1. I doubt this will succeed. There are problems of excessive pollution and resource waste. And high accident risk. Look at the Concorde as an example.

    2. Even if it succeeds, it will be for long distance flights only. Aircraft will be used for distances less than 3000 miles.

    3. Not in the near future. Perhaps a trial flight 20 years from now and at best full usage decades after that.

    4. But even if there are no more airline pilots, which I doubt, there are other occupations to replace them. Are there many sailboat skippers? buggy drivers? steam engine operators? Technology progresses, you cannot stop that.

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