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What is more beneficial to a childs dance training? Practice days in a row (ex M-Thurs), or spread them out so they have a break (ex M,W,F)?

I am training a competitive team for dancers aged 7-11 and I was wondering what may be a better scheudle for their muscle development, routine work, and flexibility work. Is it better to do all practice days in a row an give them a wider break or spread spuratically through out the week.

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    There is nothing beneficial for a child about competition dance training. If you have to ask this, then like most competition dance teachers you are clueless about dance training and are putting children at risk of injury.

    If parents only knew how they put their children at risk with this type of training, they would get them into real dance schools where real dance technique trumps dance tricks.

    Source(s): My daughter is a professional concert contemporary dancer & choreographer. Ballet academy trained. Dance grad of LaGuardia Arts high school (the FAME school.) Graham & Horton modern trained. Juilliard SI. BFA in dance from NYU Tisch. Currently choreographing and performing in a world renown concert contemporary company. I worked for NYCB (New York City Ballet)
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    • Lorraine
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      Furthermore, to liken what Mintchips is talking about to a child on a swing or monkey bars at the playground is purely ridiculous. The latter doesn't do horrific things on a daily basis to young bodies as is going on in competition work.

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  • y
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    All depends on what level of competition you are training for. If this is the best, the end all type then they need to be on the floor daily. Rotating what they are working on is recommended, but they need to be doing it 6 days a week. If this is a tier or two under that, then 4 days a week, break in the middle will work. 3 days a week are for the local studio's and such, still it's competitive but fun and the love/joy of dance should also be part of it.

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